Re-thinking things!

For the past several weeks I’ve been meaning to clean up files. Kind of an overdue spring cleaning. So when my hard drive crashed over Labor Day and buried everything in the hinterlands of the ethernet I passed through the feeling of horror and on to twinges of liberation. There was a time long long ago when a blank page and a good eraser was the way to start over. Those big spreadsheets of data and archives of photos were unthinkable unless you wore green eye shades and had a stock of sharp pencils at your fingertips.

So much saved. So much lost. But alas! Now I get to troll through my stash of thumb drives and other backup devices to find the mission critical nuggets. It’s an opportunity to rethink what is truly worth saving and what was there simply because it could be saved.

Embrace minimalism is my new mantra.

Jeannine Raymond