For those interested in pursuing the history of their own home, here are some resources to consider.

When was it constructed and who lived in it?

  1. Construction date and modifications - Visit the Fresno city records office in City Hall downtown, third floor. If permits were pulled, you may find the original construction date. contractor, estimated construction cost, a record of all changes since then, and, in the early years, whether day laborers were used.

  2. The people who lived there – Look in city directories at the Main Fresno Library downtown, or at online census records. Search on specific names in data bases like, and Although lots is available online, for some things you have to go to the Heritage Center in the Main Fresno Library. Ask about books that feature prominent citizens over the decades.

  3. Photos – Prior owners may have photos of the house; or search online.

Fresno history

  1. Fresno County Historical Society – Learn more about their archives, including the Ben Walker clippings.

  2. San Joaquin Heritage and Genealogy Center – Contains abundant resources related to Fresno’s history.

  3. Newspapers in the library’s Heritage Center - A rich source of information about people and events, especially in the 1800s and early 1900s. Fresno newspapers unavailable online are on microfilm here.

  4. A Guide to Historic Architecture in Fresno: A robust web resource with information about more than just architecture.

Beyond Fresno

  1. The Bancroft Library, at UC Berkeley - extensive collections related to California history

  2. Online Archives of California (OAC)

  3. Historical societies and library archives in other cities where original homeowners lived prior to Fresno may have information about them, or related to your search